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Big Data

Remain Competitive in an ever Advancing Big Data Environment.

Our public and private training by the world’s leading experts gives you everything you need to succeed.Virtually every company has data, but do you know what to do with it? Are you using Big Data to make effective decisions that have a direct impact on your bottom line?

Every business needs a Data Engineers but staying competitive means up skilling your staff in the rapidly shifting world of tech. In today’s world, properly leveraged data can give organizations of all types a competitive advantage. Companies now handle vast amounts of data on a daily basis and there is unparalleled demand for professionals in this space. Learn how to extract useful information from data and increase the ROI of a business by taking up our wide range of Big Data Analytics Courses.


Our courses for Developers introduce topics including developing data applications, extensions, real-time solutions and architecture.


Our courses for Administrators introduce topics such as installing, managing, monitoring, advanced operations, security and governance.


Our courses for Analysts introduce topics such as SQL, scripting languages, machine learning, Data Science, Big Data Analytics and AI.

Delivery Methodology

Training Delivery Options: 

 At Techsoft , we realize that everyone has a different learning style and a different schedule.

As a result, we strive to offer several delivery options for many of our classes that you can choose from.

 Below is a high-level overview of each delivery option.

Virtual Learning

Our Training programmes are scheduled throughout the year and are delivered by our expert trainers via virtual classroom.

Virtual classroom gives you the ability to learn from your office, your home, or wherever you find the peace and comfort to learn. 

Classroom Learning

If you prefer a closer connection to our trainers, then we also run a number of mixed courses that are structured 50% virtual and 50% classroom. 

Our classrooms are based in London and Birmingham. Please contact us for more information and to enroll.

Private Learning

We are often asked to build customized course outlines and have worked with various IT companies to create a learning experience that is tailored to their specific learning objectives.

Contact us today to discuss how we can integrate a curriculum into your schedule and your requirements.

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