ITIL 4 Foundation

ITIL 4 Foundation

Master the fundamentals of IT service management, now with comprehensive e-learning options.


During this two-day course, attendees gain an in-depth understanding of how to effectively perform their role in the Agile Release Train (ART) as it delivers value through Planning Intervals (PI). Attendees explore how to apply Lean thinking to decompose Epics into Features and Stories, refine Features and Stories, manage ART and Team backlogs, and plan and execute Iterations and Planning Intervals. Attendees also discover how the Continuous Delivery Pipeline and DevOps culture contribute to the relentless improvement of the ART.

Who will benefit?

What you’ll learn?

To perform the role of a SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager, you should be able to:

Topics covered


40 questions

Multiple choice

60 minutes

Closed book

Minimum required score to pass: 65%

What you get?

Attendee workbook

Preparation and Eligibility

SAFe Studio Membership (1 year)

Course certificate

* Attendees must attend both days of the course in order to qualify for the exam.

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