LMS / Learning Experience Platform

LMS / Learning Experience Platform(LXP)

Our LXPs help you engage your workforce with learning interventions based on compelling content designed to be simple, interesting, interactive and easily comprehensible to ensure retention.

LXP is crucial to help organisations create high-quality learning modules. LXP is an adaptable, unrestricted, on-demand system built on applications, much like the ones that employees generally use (such as music and video streaming services). LXPs provide more features and advantages than any conventional Learning Management System (LMS). Benefits of LXPs include:

  • Ensuring learning recommendations are actionable
  • Putting individual needs first
  • Providing an intuitive user interface
  • Promoting learning while the work is being done

Key Features

Tailored Training

Security Protocols

Smart Scheduling

Assessment tools & test options

Data and Compliance Tracking

Reporting and Analytics



User-friendly Learning Hub

With TECHSOFT you can

  • Build L&D initiatives for all stages of continuous learning right from fresher training to role-based
  • Set personalised learning paths and learning goals for maximized outcomes
  • Get advanced reports and metrics to design better learning interventions for lasting learning experiences
  • Prevent learning drop-offs and boost course completion rates
  • Integrate with other organizational Sofware like LMS or HRMs and more
  • Boost engagement through social learning and gamification