Scaled Agile

In the world of project management and software development, Agile and Scrum methodologies have risen to prominence as effective approaches for delivering projects in a dynamic and collaborative manner.

Agile and Scrum methodologies have transformed project management and software development by emphasizing collaboration, adaptability, and customer focus. They provide a structured yet flexible framework for teams to deliver value and meet the ever-evolving needs of customers and stakeholders. Whether you’re developing software, managing projects, or driving innovation, Agile and Scrum can help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

SAFe Consulting

Talentum has developed an empirically evolved consulting approach, which is based on our 10+ years of agile and scaled agile transformation experiences.

SAFe or any agile transformation / transition is more to do with cultural and mindset change than tools or process based changes. Thus, our approach is a blend of ADKAR change management approach while also embracing SAFe implementation roadmap.

We get associated with our customers in variety of different modes, depending on customer specific context:

  • Fragile to agile –
    1. “Our” agile to “value” driven agile, while respecting context specific tailoring, without compromising values and principles of agile
  • Agile to SAFe
    1. Steady with agile and now want to scale
    2. Reaching the tipping point – Go SAFe
    3. Start the transition
  • UnSAFe to SAFe
    1. SAFe not working
    2. Assess, recommend, guide changes
  • Scaling SAFe
    1. SAFe already established – essential level
    2. Setup COPs, LACE, large solution SAFe
    3. Lean portfolio management

How do we engage?

  1. Our business is to help solve business problems!
  2. We generally don’t prescribe any specific framework or method just because some frameworks are a buzz word or others are using it
  3. We will combine and also tweak practices to suit your context, your business problems
  4. We have our templates, guidelines, checklists, etc. which we further tailor based on our understanding of your context
  5. We implement our suggestions, inspect and critically adapt in close collaboration with 100% transparency.
  6. If something doesn’t help, work in your context, we pivot, learn from it and try other options – keeping you involved in the process
  7. While there are proven practices and guidelines, every context is unique and needs a specific treatment, but aligned with basic principles of agile, lean and scaling
  8. We focus more on the journey of transformation rather than being obsessed with the destination

Lean-Agile Training:

To complement the consulting, we also offer the following training options. We have trained 100+ customers, across geographies. Classroom as well as virtual sessions are available based on business needs.

  1. Agile estimating and planning
  2. Agile, scrum, kanban
  3. PMI-ACP certification prep workshop
  4. Various SAFe certification workshops, like –
    1. Leading SAFe
    2. SAFe for teams
    3. SAFe SM
    4. SAFe POPM
    5. SAFe APM
    6. SAFe RTE
  5. Custom agile, scrum, kanban workshops