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Skill Development

Whats in it for you...
  • Our comprehensive courses will take you from novice to pro in 7 weeks.
  • We will push you to succeed, We place an emphasis throughout the program on storytelling and real world cases.
  • We provide the tools, techniques and coaching in soft skills to help you secure your dream job.
  • Our expert tutors all have real-world knowledge.
  • The courses can be tailored to your specific industry requirements.
  • We are extremely flexible in terms of delivery method, and will work with you to suit your needs.
  • We continually talk with our clients to ensure our curriculum remains current and up-to-date. Many of these clients are those looking for the skills that you have yet to acquire.
Academia Features

Innovative &

Masters of focused innovative learning, we enable people with the tools and techniques to take leading edge technologies and turn them into a reality, to improve the way in which we live, communicate and do business.


Link between
Academia & the
Commercial World

We offer much more than learning through theory, we deliver practical, marketable skills that bridge the gap between the world of academia and the demands of industry.



We know what matters because we use the very technologies we teach to automate and make our own business smarter, with expert trainers stretching over 20 years, with over 200 sessions and 100+ corporate clients.


Learning Platform

We promise to support you long after the programme, helping you to secure your dream job and providing a platform for continuous learning and development in the ever advancing world of tech.

Career Support

As a participant in this program, Techsoft  helps you unlock your potential, highlight your skills and connect to the right opportunities for your next job.

1. Exclusive Recruitment Drives

Attend Techsoft  job fairs organised every 3 months across cities. Participate in our recruitment drives with top tech companies looking for professionals like you.

2. Access to Curated Jobs

Access a list of jobs relevant to your experience and domain. Leverage our dedicated career support team working with IT organisations, who’ll recommend the right jobs for you.

3. Interview Preparation Workshops

Familiarize yourself with commonly asked questions that’ll help you crack any technical interview. Use your Portfolio to showcase your skills and improve your chances of getting hired.

4. Personalised career mentorship

Get an expert career mentor personalised to your experience and industry, who will help you navigate your path to career success. Get guidance on choosing the right opportunities, building a great CV and much more

Career support +

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